The Delhaize Districts Tournament was created in the late 90' by the Youthcommission of the Koninklijke Belgische Hockey Bond in an effort to detect young Belgian talent, boys & girls of the age U13 & U14.

The purpose of the BeGold District programm is to

  • offer a challenge to talented young players from different Belgian clubs
  • forge a sportif connection between players from different Belgian clubs
  • detect young Belgian talented players, Boys & Girls U13 & U14, of whom some will be selected to be part of the national BeGold programm U14 & U15.

Each year the Belgian clubs send their best players of the age U13 & U14 to the BeGold District Selection Day that take place in several Belgian clubs: more than 800 motivated players are present.
At the end of the selection day, the mentor, coaches and trainers of the BeGold National staff will make their team selection for each district/ Boys & Girls/ U13 & U14.
These District teams will alternate 5 trainings with 3 games against other district teams.

There are 6 districts in the BeGold District programm:

The Delhaize District Tournament takes place during 1 weekend in the month of may.

Surrounded by family and friends, the  6 districtteams will play the remaining games and a serie of shoot- outs. Players will show their best hockey skills, but will always play as 1 teams and apply the rules of respect and fairplay.
BeGold National scouts are present the whole weekend to detect the future  U14 en U15 players and to invite them to a BeGold National Stage during the summer holidays.

Will you become the new Red Lion or Red Panther?